I went to the aquarium today—probably the second time that I’ve been there since moving here. A lot of things fascinated me, but I believe that the biggest thing that touched me today was the way that all of those fish seemed to just coexist together. I believe it is the lower floor, where the surrounding tank engulfs you. It was so many fish in there—all different sizes, different colors, different species. All swimming together in this big tank. You would see the biggest shark swimming with the smallest fish—no conflict whatsoever. Then, I began to wonder what in the Hell is our problem as humans. Those fish put humans to shame, the way that they can embrace diversity & differences like that, and we can’t even get past the issue of race, colorism, “gender”, body type, sexual orientation, so on & so forth. This may sound funny, but today I wanted to be a fish.

-Sefu 7/31/18